Audio Visual Company

Company A had a requirement for a new system to manage their Audio Visual Company and proposed the following processes

Example of the Audio Visual company's process

From making contact with Company A the sales team will take you through the sale process and produce a quotation of your Audio Visual needs. You are also offered compulsory maintenance contracts for Visual products, enforced by suppliers, and optional Audio maintenance assistance. The maintenance agreements are also set to a standard or an advanced assistance. After the sale has been agreed an installation has to be managed through the Project Management process. Insight offers a comprehensive Project Management module however Company A had additional Project Management needs. Due to our commitment we designed and accommodate their special needs through our dedicated development team.

Equipment required for the installation are managed through Insight and therefore Company A had a comprehensive process requirement.

A project is started to monitor the progress of the installation. And the support of aftersales continues after the installation. This again is managed through the created sales module.

Arquila was commissioned to design a business system to suit their processes and also be able to streamline these processes.

Arquila's approach

From the initial specification, the Arquila team worked closely with the client to understand all business processes. A total of five days were spent on site with the client to create all the required processes and supporting reports. In addition the Arquila design team created modules that Company A required as additions to the standard Insight System. The above was successfully implemented and achieved.

Training in the new system took place during the onsite visit and the customer's efficiency increased dramatically. The major improvement was the facility for Sales Staff to generate fast and dynamic quotations. A second benefit is that staff is assigned to a job and visually you are able to see which staff are on what job on a simple calendar view.

Staff is assigned to an installation and therefore staff management became a high priority. Insight could accommodate their requirements it manage staff and staff scheduling.

A few key reports was developed to help Company A manage their new processes. Insight is accompanied with fully comprehensive reporting that covers from individual workflow to financial age analysis.

Insight helped Company A improve the below processes

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