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Arquila not only develops products, we are qualified in change management and project management. This coupled with the experience gained through each implementation puts us perfectly positioned to assist you in a successful implementation.

We have had exposure to many different business models, different business problems and multiple solutions. Each one giving us additional insight into various business workings. We take this knowledge and with you develop a plan to get your business to a position where you have a total understanding of your business as usual, productivity and profitability.

Once there is a understanding and measurable business as usual standard then we can monitor the impact and change that the new system and deployment is having on your business. Through using this technique you are empowered with essential information that not only assists you in the deployment of your new business management system but throughout the entire future of your business.

Many of our customers gain great benefit from learning what their business as usual parameters are, learning for the first time what their actual profit is, what their actual time spent is and what their actual productivity is.

The steps we follow through an implementation are:

  1. Develop an understanding of your business as usual
  2. Design the implementation plan
  3. Detect areas of potential problems
  4. Train for the new system
  5. Identify the loss of any old systems
  6. Implement the system
  7. Go live with the new system
  8. Assess the impact and provide further training
  9. Guide and support through the initial live period
  10. Assess milestones and completions
  11. Successful Implementation

This is a proven method for successfully implementing Insight. We are constantly re-evaluating our methods and procedures. Each implementation we do gives us valuable experience to enhance and optimise our product, installation methods, consulting and training.

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