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Effective communication is critical in the event management industry. From a business perspective it is often very difficult to manage the numerous contacts, suppliers and aspects of organising an event. Due to these complications you will typically end up using a number of spreadsheets or scraps of paper to manage who, how and what you are doing. What you end up with by having so many disparate systems is a situation that prevents you from having any insight to your overall profitability on a specific event without having to spend hours trawling through multiple invoices to try and calculate your earnings. In addition it can become very cumbersome for staff to remain in control of the various contacts effectively.

By bringing all of your systems together you will have a greater reporting ability across a entire project.

When Arquila began working with event management companies we focused on how to deal with the key requirements of implementing a solution that would embrace the needs of all event management company's, while resolving some of the key issues and challenges faced in today's marketplace.

Some of the key issues faced within event management are:

At Arquila we have developed a system whereby the core focus is around the need for managing customer and supplier relationships as well as focusing on new event creation, business sales and the overall reporting.

Some of the features that have been built into our solution are:

The Arquila INSIGHT solution is designed to fit within you current business process and is designed to manage the work flow within your organisation. The solution as a whole encompasses all aspects of the business ranging from CRM to Financial management and there are a large number of aspects not discussed. Please do contact us if you would like to discuss your individual requirements further.

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