Heathcare Providers and Practitioners

The INSIGHT system has been developed to ensure service excellence and efficiency within your medical practice. We have found that by integrating the clinical and administrative operations, including the financial aspects of your practice into one solution, allows the seamless flow from initial contact with the patient through to consultations and procedures.

One of the key requirements for healthcare providers today is to provide service excellence. By integrating the business operations, anyone can provide excellent service as all of your business information is accessible anywhere via a web browser. This adds substantial value where you are working from different locations or even from home.

We have found that some of the key issues faced within modern healthcare providers are:

The INSIGHT system is designed to support offices where more than one person needs to be able to access the latest information to provide effective and efficient service and is designed to be configured around your bespoke medical practice requirements.

A few of the areas that we have particularly focused on are discussed below.

Patient Records and management

Consultation Bookings


Clinicians will have a list of their patients for consultation and for procedures for the day. They will have access to all information regarding the patient including:

In addition they will have access to the running notes regarding the consultation as well as instructions for the practice management which can be work flowed back to the administration team for the required action. This could be for:

Supplier costings can be set and purchase orders automatically generated to manage the purchase of stock ensuring the important reconciliation of orders against supplier invoices.


Work-flow in INSIGHT provides a seamless link between the practitioner and the practice manager or administrators. Notes are able to be appended to the patient file in INSIGHT by the practitioner and the file sent (through the work-flow functionality) to the back office prior to the patient leaving the consulting room. The practice manager or administrator will then already be aware of any follow up action before the patient leaves the consulting room. The enables action to take place such as the immediate invoicing of the patient for payment or for future appointments to be made.

Document Management

The document management functionality within INSIGHT enables scanned documents or any electronic documents to be linked to patients electronic files. This includes any electronic documents from body diagrams to photos or scans.

Remote Access

Any person with the right security privileges can have access to the comprehensive information held on INSIGHT which is accessible in any place where a consultation or procedure takes place or even from home. Both the operational and financial information is available, greatly assisting practitioners who consult from various offices and need to have access to their practice information and patient files electronically. This also allows practice administrators to work from a mobile office or from home.

Financial Management

By integrating all aspects of your practice you will have a much clearer financial overview at your fingertips. Not only does INSIGHT allow you to quote and invoice your patients but you will also have control over and stock and their costings that are held within the practice. INSIGHT can automatically create purchase orders for stock or consumables that are required helping you to keep control over your expenses.


INSIGHT provides a comprehensive set of reports to manage all aspects of your medical practice. The reports are flexible and there are a number of reports that can be used to identify and quickly resolve anomalies, assisting in the professional management of your practice.


INSIGHT is able to be configured to meet your specific requirements based on the nature of your practice and specialisation. Arquila will assist in the configuration to ensure that your management software runs as effectively as possible in your practice ensuring that information is managed and available to assist with providing your patients with excellent service and assist with aspects of their treatment.

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