Insight Finance

Company Research

Insight Finance manages the research process from the initial self valuation, call reporting and investment committee reports, to the ongoing download of historical fundamental and valuations forecasting.

Company statistics, ownership, corporate actions and detailed information are stored for easy access and reporting. Live daily stock prices and trade statistics are fed from live data sources and stored for analysis and reporting.

Research analysts can log, buy or sell recommendations; which feed seamlessly into the portfolio and trading modules of the system.

Stock Trading

Using the wealth of data available from the Company Research module, portfolio managers are able to log buy or sell requests including fail-safe limits which the system then makes available to the trading desk.

The trading section of the system ensures that best execution principles are applied to the trading process, all transaction communication is logged and any changes to the trade requests are alerted, while still allowing traders the flexibility to strive for the best possible prices.

The Trading process concludes with complete broker confirmations where broker commissions and custodial bank fees are calculated and updates company share registers

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is made simpler with automatic transaction feeds from the company management and trading modules of the system, as trades are completed and prices are updated.

Insight Finance generates real time Portfolio NAV and GAIN/LOSS reports, while also allowing the Portfolio Manager the ability to manipulate, segment and dissect portfolio data with ease.

Compliance is also greatly enhanced as the system is able to apply portfolio restrictions according to the portfolio mandate and have these restrictions passed and enforced throughout the system.

Cash Management

Insight Finance provides full cash management. All trades, commission, dividends, interest and fees are processed and recorded.

Deal Pipeline

Manage your potential deals with the Insight deal pipeline. Store all your potential and target client information and profile them according to your unique business offerings.

Send automated communications to your pipeline. Forecast against your pipeline using historic transactional success and estimations.

Manage the deal pipeline by assigning status updates to each potential deal and keep a running log of all communication both from and to your potential client.

Live Data

We have successfully integrated with various data providers. Bloomberg and Stox data being such providers.

Data feeds include, live pricing and trading statistics, corporate actions, news, fundamentals, market statistics and corporate profiles.

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